Chanel Wallet On Chain Woc Bag Fake Vs Real Guide

Firstly, I always use a bag liner/organiser inside of my Chanel 19 to prop up its shape and protect it from crinkling. I also try not to overload the bag, which is quite tempting considering its size. Further, when not in use, I almost religiously adhere to Chanel’s storage advice. This involves keeping the bag upright in the provided pouch with the chain strap placed inside to prevent the metal from imprinting marks in the leather. For a good measure, I also add some extra paper filler.

If you’re still interested, I went to the boutique at Short Hills mall. We would suggest using the Logo method in the very first place as it is an easy method to spot a fake Chanel wallet. The Signature method is also one of the methods that we recommend using due to the bad quality of logo completion by fake manufacturers. Signs of wear, light soiling or discoloration of materials may be present. NewItem appears to have not been used and shows no signs of wear.Like NewItem is like new with very slight signs of use. Metal surface has superficial surface scratches.Well UsedItem has been well-loved and it shows.

If the zipper compartment was only a fraction of a centimeter longer, my phone would fit perfectly. If your phone is larger than an iPhone 11, then this bag may not be able to carry it. One of my favorite features of the bag is the little back pocket . For these bags it’s the perfect place to tuck in valet tickets, coat check, etc.

While expensive upfront, Chanel WOCs can make great assets, as they retain most if not all of their value if kept in good condition. Certain WOC’s will actually gain value over time because of inflation paired with Chanel’s constant price increases. If you’re going to base your decision on the Chanel WOC solely on it’s comparative cost for what you’re getting, then you may want to pass on it.

This listing includes a set of TWO base shapers for two compartments. In the review, I’ve included some photos comparing the colour of my 19 bag to my Chanel Classic which definitely has warm yellow-ish beige finish. The back of the bags is also alike in that each has a slip pocket. One of the main reasons why I have fallen under the spell of the Chanel 19 bag is the fact that, in a way, it is a trendier and cooler version of the Classic Flap. But sometimes I fancy carrying with me something less dressy and formal, and the 19 bag is the perfect medium.

chanel wallet on chain review

I have heard others say that the WOC in the Boy bag design lacks a little, but I can’t judge that one as I don’t own it, but the classic style I have, is perfect! Firstly, I do want to mention that this is an expensive bag and I do have a lot of respect for money and hard work. I don’t have any plans to resell my Chanel wallet on chain, but since we are asking if it’s worth the money, it is important to consider the resale value. The leather of the Saint Laurent wallet on chain purse is a pebbled textured caviar leather that feels sturdy, and is very easy to wipe clean. I take this bag everywhere and have had a few mishaps with food and drink, but thankfully everything has wiped right off.

Unfortunately, there is no option for extending the chain strap in the same way as it is the case e.g. in the Gucci Marmont bag , so there is not much that can be done about it. The one feature which deserves a particular praise is the slip pocket at the back. As far as outer pockets go, it has a very decent size and is large enough to hold iPhone 11. I have always been a big fan of external compartments, but the one in the Chanel 19 bag is simply fantastic, exceptionally spacious and highly usable. In this photo, you can see the extent of similarities between the chain of the Chanel 19 bag and the Boy bag. The top handle of the 19 bag is near-identical to the style of the chain strap of the Boy bag.

That said, with a height of 5 inches and depth of about 1.5 inches, its a rather large wallet that gives you ample space to play around in. Can you give me the exact measurements please? If you are looking for an alternative to the Chanel bag, this Ferragamo bag is a reader favorite and fulfills many of the same functions, all at $750 .