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The size can be positive or negative, depending on your style of travel. For some people, 16 liters isn’t enough room to pack all the essentials, especially if you carry around a lot of electronics or want a specific compartment for your laptop. The Kanken doesn’t have a designated laptop compartment, and it’s a bit too small to fit most laptops. Tablets, Chromebooks, or smaller electronic devices can still easily fit with room to spare for other items. The built in straps can easily hurt when you carry a heavy load, but if you spend the extra €20 for the shoulder pads it is as comfortable as can be.

When packing your valuables in an efficient way, the weight of the contents will be distributed to your hips and won’t push down on your shoulders. Plus, a daypack can even protect you whilst cold winds are blowing from the back or when you fall. Surprisingly, some daypacks are equipped with a back protector to offer additional security on ski tours. Thanks for this post, thanks to it I learned about the add-on padded straps! I’ve seen these backpacks a lot both online and in person, but I’d never seen anything about straps.

fjallraven kanken review

I decided to go with the mini because I thought the classic would be a little too big. I also went for the mini as an everyday wear and I couldn’t be any happier. The size is perfect and I can still fit so much inside. I used it as my carry on while flying and traveling it was perfect. For full transparency and clarity, I want to mention that Fjällräven don’t actually advise you to put laptops in the Classic design. They’ve got other models designed to protect your tech better.

The release of the Tree-Kånken is an exciting launch for anyone looking for more sustainable purchases. Fjällräven is a brand earmarked by its focus on recycled, eco-friendly, and highly durable products. Because of those design features, and an added reflective element to the signature Fjällräven logo, the bag lends itself to be a great commuter backpack.

Compared to the Kånken we see on the streets today, the Tree-Kånken is roughly the same height, depth, and width, and has virtually the same fit as the modern-day version. I did get a small clip to connect my zippers together to help keep my bag secure if I’m out in a crowded area. I think this is a necessity with any backpack because you can’t really feel what’s happening to your bag when there are a lot of people near you/bumping into you. To me, the backpack looks a little on the smaller side, but I am able to carry so much. Here’s a look at what I’ve been bringing around with me on a daily basis, minus the water bottles which were being washed. Fast fashion is a temptation most of us face every day.