Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

I could even fit MORE in there if needed and still have it zip fine but this is my standard “go-to” stash that goes into my purse. Description The Modern red bag having a luxury EPI leather stuff of coating. Completely ready made bag to enhance your… It was the perfect fit and I can’t wait to start putting it to use.

I’ve worn this bag to weddings, to events, to the PNE, and more. It doesn’t fit a ton, but I don’t carry much with me so it fits all of my necessities. I purchased this for C$1,770 and it now retails for C$2,160.

louis vuitton alma bb review

Arrived today and came very well packaged and protected. This bag is everything and it came super quick. I expected my bag next wk and it came on Friday.

Sturdy studs on the bottom of the bag protect the material from scratches and dirt. Alma is the perfect work to evening bag. Great quality fits perfectly, ordered one for my Soufflot BB can’t wait to use it. I do not use the strap sold with the BB as I stated I feel it is too thin for comfortable wear. So I switch out with straps from other bags or will purchase a new one.

I like to carry it on my arm most of the time and its the most perfect size to carry for my height and weight. If you look closely there is a little D ring on the handle where I have attached the clochette. Alma does not come with a strap but I could have purchased it separately, starting from C$360. Just a 27 year old girl sharing her passion of luxury fashion and beauty products with the world.

I got this bag because I love my Gucci Soho Disco as a casual cross-body bag but it was a bit too small if I wanted to carry more than just the bare essentials with me. The Pochette Metis is super comfortable to wear both as a shoulder bag and as a cross-body. I love the adjustable shoulder straps, and also the option to carry it by hand via the top handle. Since I got this, it has easily become one of my most used bags. It is uber comfortable, and can be worn both casually or more dressed up. Compared to my other bags, this one is more hip and almost boy-ish.

This beauty is one striking bag upon seeing. The hardware seems to glitter on this little gem. Something about DE and the golden hardware that pop nicely.