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I had a similar story to a lot of posters – I grew up in a very different household than many women on this board, and spent my college years nannying and working at coffeeshops/restaurants. I was totally unprepared for the ‘real world’, and only lucked into ‘professional success’ after getting an MBA from a top school after (which I got into largely based on my ‘unconventional’ background). Another obstacle to internships, paid or unpaid, is access to a car. My parents couldn’t afford the car insurance to teach me to drive in high school, and I couldn’t have afforded a car and insurance and parking during college. I went to school in a big city with lousy public transit, so there was no way I could have had an off-campus job or internship.

The nylon Voyageur crossbody features durable nylon material, an adjustable strap, and double-zippered closure are all key features. It’s also equipped with three pockets, four card slots, and a key clip. A crossbody bag is anything that has a strap long enough that you can drape it across the body from one shoulder to the opposite hip.

The key for me with this tote is the organization insert. I have always loved large totes, but not the disorganization that ultimately prevails after just a few days of use. Cuyana Oversized Double Loop BagLike the Travel Case Sets, the Cuyana Double Loop collection is crafted in Italy of leather with a pebbled finish. In my experience pebbled leather is better at resisting scratching and scuffing than smooth leathers. All bags in the collection come in a selection of neutral tones with names like Ecru, Rust, and Cappuccino. There is traditional black and also a snake embossed for those who like a good print.

Unlike the Travel Case Set, the Double Loop has a sumptuous suede interior with two interior pockets, one of which can be zipped. For this 2 day trip, the small case was perfect for packing all of my minimalist makeup needs. I’m still going strong with my Vegan Minimalist Makeup Routine from Merit Cosmetics that I wrote about a few months ago.

Click through to see the best naked dresses of all time. The school can’t control the level of violence in the surrounding area. If there is a high level of violent crime surrounding the elementary school during the day, I would put my kids in another school. I think going to a university with violence issues in the neighborhood is completely different, because the students are adults who chose to go to that school. Can you help me choose a dream vacation, that will be for me alone, to help me just rest/recover/take care of myself?

The material of this striped top is thicker than the solid black color. Note that the stripes do not match up on the sides in case that level of detail will bother you. I think it’s beautiful, but don’t think it could sustain everyday NYC life. I keep meaning to go to the store to see it in person. In terms of looking for more eco-friendly options, you should also take some time to research the company you’re buying from and look into what their approach for sustainability is.

The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on It has to be structured so you don’t look sloppy at work. ($158).It’s easy to carry, yet big enough for all your essentials. It comes in black and brown too, but the dark green shade is so chic.

cuyana double loop bag review

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I went with family but would have been super happy taking that trip alone and I did enjoy about 36 hours alone in Sorrento. I teach a senior seminar where the students write resumes and cover letters. Based on those, I’d say less than 10% have internships or relevant experience . About the same number have really substantial campus involvement, though most have some volunteering . At least half work hours per week in retail or restaurants or something else, which doesn’t leave much time. The issue is that plenty of people know how to play the game and tell their kids how to play the game, and plenty of other people do not.

The Zip-Top Transport Tote works well as a casual work tote, while the Sydney Tote reads “creative entrepreneur”. Let me tell you why Lo & Son’s Seville Tote is genius. Ever have a hard time choosing the one color tote to buy to match your whole wardrobe (the pressure!)?