My Luxury Bag Review On The Loewe Medium & Mini Puzzle + Small Hammock Bag

Early adopters A$AP Rocky and Pusha T helped propel the label into its current position of cool and A$AP Rocky was cast for the label’s Spring/Summer campaign 2019. The same year the new Casa Loewe concept store opened its doors in London’s New Bond Street, curated by Anderson, fusing art and interior design. In 2008 the label appointed British designer Stuart Vevers , and with him the label entered the wider fashion consciousness as a force to be reckoned with. In 2011 the label launched its first standalone London store in Mayfair. The collection also provides you with a wide variety to choose from. This includes matte black, tan brown, white, yellow or even blue.

Thanks @thel , @Keline and @bellebellebelle19 for your feedback! While I love my small black puzzle (old version with feet and D-ring), I wasn’t so sure about the Hammock. Thought it was an interesting, less-expensive option for someone wanting to purchase a Lindy. But when I want an open design, I use my Mansur Gavriel tote; And that bag is only for running errands. Pity that this bag is lacking a few features that would probably make it more attractive to more buyers.

loewe hammock bag review

This postal bag feels like a love letter to the power-suit and briefcase era when women were just starting to make war on the glass ceiling. As a result, it is a little dated, but the boldness of the fuchsia Loewe has opted for offsets this well. Well, if you’re looking for a casual, chic, stylish bag that fits a fair amount and is extremely versatile, it’s definitely worth considering. And, as stated above, if you want something extremely unique, that’s not as “mainstream” as other designer bags – it’s a fantastic choice.

And my god these are expensive bags, tipping closer and closer to an eye watering £2k, I will understand if many of you want to duck out of this post now and call anyone who would spend that on a bag crazy. Because of course it is crazy, yet so many of us do it, and I am going to now try and argue why it’s worth it . Laura Lajiness Kaupke is a contributing writer for WWD. Her work has also appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, Marie Claire, Glamour, Town&Country, InStyle, Esquire, Women’s Health, Brides, Refinery 29, among others. She covers fashion, accessories, fine jewelry and lifestyle topics, with expertise in luxury market products, including the best designer handbags. This style, in particular, is excellent for everyday use with a soft yet durable shape and roomy interior for holding daily essentials.

The canvas is thick and surprisingly doesn’t get dirty easily. Overall this is a super well made bag that I think will look as new many years down the line. If you’re thinking about the Lindy, I can’t say enough good things about it! To be honest, I like the way the Hammock folds more, but that’s only possible because it has no top, which sadly is a no go for me. The Hammock is no stranger to you, coming in an eye-catching shape that takes on multiple forms.