The Thank Goodness Baggu Bag

Thanks to its colored bottom, we didn’t spot any blemishes over the few weeks we tested it. The Baggu Duck Bag is canvas, too, and can tolerate machine washing, but L.L.Bean recommends spot-cleaning this tote. It’s especially structured, which makes it difficult to fold up and put away in a dresser. L.L.Bean claims that the bag’s straps are rated to hold up to 500 pounds; as I am unable to hold more than 150 pounds without crying, we were not able to test this claim. The L.L.Bean Boat and Tote is made from heavy canvas that will last you a lifetime, but it doesn’t have any pockets for storage. It comes in four bag sizes, with a variety of handle-size options and colors to choose from.

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The snap closure protects my items but is easy enough to open on the go. I’ve worn my neon Baggu fanny pack for years, and it goes with more than you’d guess. It’s so functional and easy to swing over my shoulder. Wearing it, I feel equal parts sunny and prepared, ready for both outdoor adventures and everyday errands.

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She combined rigorous testing methods, conversations with professionals, and active knowledge of the home and kitchen space to help readers get the most out of their money. Connie Chen is a former senior reporter on the Insider Reviews team, where she led coverage of home textiles, home entertaining, and food and drink. With eco-friendliness becoming more of a necessity than a passing trend, you’re only going to be seeing more and more of these eye-catching BAGGU bags. This last point is essential to attracting and retaining fans.

Checkout The Best Reusable Grocery Bag for a detailed review of all the top reusable grocery bags. The main material is ripstop nylon (100% nylon, 30% recycled). For the uninitiated, ripstop nylon is arguably the defacto choice for lightweight, very compressible bags. Despite the material’s thinness, it’s quite durable. It has a reinforced grid pattern that helps stop rips from deteriorating further, hence the name ripstop.

This one checks all the boxes, and is big enough to hold my charger, too. I was hesitant about the puffiness because it seemed unnecessary, but now I have the peace of mind that my laptop is well protected while in transit. ChickAdvisor is your destination to rate and review your favourite products. The Product Review Club is now on Butterly Communities.

The soft, pebbled texture of the Italian leather gives it a classic look, and its structure gives it a certain dignity, but it’s not too fancy to use every day. It’s less practical than the other totes we recommend due to its size (it’s more than 6 inches wider than the medium version of the L.L.Bean). As for organization, you should be able to throw a bunch of your work and play things inside—it has a slim zippered pocket for the really important stuff—and bring it on your journey. When it came time for staff votes, the Uptown Vertical Tote handily beat every other leather tote bag option we tested—people loved this bag.